Monday, 1 October 2012

Typhoon Jalawat (Meaning - Carp)

Ok, so yesterday morning we were anticipating the arrival on typhoon Jelawat. 
Everything was fully charged, we had bottled water, food and torches...  Luckily 
by the time it arrived it was no longer a super typhoon, but it was still 
powerful enough to do a lot of damage and whip up the oceans. 

At the height of the storm, about 3pm, John and I ventured out with the other 
Guardians to check on the dolphins in the sea pens.  The rain was torrential  
and within minutes it was through my jacket ... Luckily the jacket we had 
purchased for the camera held out longer so we can share with you what we 
I would like here to apologise to John for laughing at the camera jacket when I 
saw it. I also seem to remember calling him a few names, like "silly" for buying 

The dolphins in the harbour pens were having a bad time, but the sea wall/ break 
water afforded them a little protection. As we watched the waves breaking over 
the sea wall we could only imagine how the water must have been churning in 
those shallow pens and how hard they must have been fighting for every breath. 

John warned me dolphins in the pens at Dolphin Base would be having a much 
harder time, but I still wasn't prepared. I won't even try to describe  what 
they were enduring, I'll just ask you look the the video clip below and ask you 
to imagine that this went on for hours and hours ..... and that this is the 17th 
typhoon to hit Japan this year. 

By about 7 pm last night the worst of the weather had passed and the Cove 
Guardians went again to check on the dolphins. It was so dark we could only take 
photographs to analyze back at the hotel, but we could see that the waters were 
much calmer. 

And this morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day... made even more beautiful 
when the boats didn't go out hunting. I'm guessing it is because they had a lot 
of work to do unsecuring their boats and putting the nets & tarps back up in the 
cove. Also the weather looks ok for the next few days ....
Once we knew the boats were staying in John and I popped back to the hotel. We 
skyped our 2 younger children ... I put cream on my insect bites ...and got an 
hours sleep. 

As I type this it's 12:22. John and I are sat on a bench  looking over the 
harbour enjoying a rare moment of peace. The police have just left us and we are 
not meeting the other Guardians till 2pm .. so if you'll excuse us ..... 

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  1. As I read I feel like I'm with you in Taiji.Thank you, Jackie! Thank you John!