Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A quick catch up ....

Monday - Love the wind! 
That was as far as I got with my blog on Monday ... It has been an eventful few 
days, of which a lot the Guardians had to keep to ourselves. It was really hard 
for me to keep what was happening from my family and friends who care .... 
but everything has been posted now by Sea Shepherd so here we go... 
a quick catch up.... 

It's Wednesday morning, 8:12, there are 5 Guardians sitting in the harbour in 
Taiji  happy that the wind has kept the boats in again (love that word, 
so I'll say it again ... again) One of the 5, me, is feeling a little
nervous ... (I can't speak for the others).

I have not witnessed a drive (thankfully) since John & I arrived here in 
Taiji. A mixture of things have prevented it.. typhoons...festivals..high 
winds and rain..
So I would have expected it to have been a quiet time here.. but these 
last few days have been anything but.... 
Monday was windy, very windy, the boats ventured out but came back so quickly as 
the sea was pitching them .. I  want to say badly, but it looked really good 
from where I was watching :) 
The afternoon was spent at the harbour and Dolphin Base as the day 
before, Sunday, we first spotted the buyer. Normally buyers cover up and try 
to hide their faces but this guy was blatant. After the first sighting we would
see him a couple of times each day, he was looking at several pens so we were 
anticipating a large transfer to happen. 
But then the unimaginable happened... it was getting late in the day... 
we had not seen any signs to indicate a transfer would happen that night ... 
I was thinking of a cool shower and something to eat when suddenly the police 
that were watching us got a call and ran to their car .... Nils, a fellow 
Cove Guardian, had been arrested. 
I can't explain how I feel because I haven't worked it out yet.  I only met 
Nils briefly, but what I saw I liked very much. Engaging smile and teasing
personality. I hope to stay his friend, outside of Sea Shepherd, as I do believe
this was not intentional and the regret he must be suffering knowing the 
damage he's caused to the campaign will be a greater punishment than anything
Japan enforces. 
German National Arrested  
We are now living with the aftermath of Nils actions. All of you who know me 
know I'm just an ordinary working Mum and I'll be honest, I'm frightened. 
All the Guardians are being extra vigilant as there is a lot of stirred up hatred 
towards us at the moment. 
But we are here to do a job and, fear or no fear, we were at the harbour 
Tuesday when the trucks, cranes, divers, skiffs all arrived to take 6 
dolphins from the sea pens to an awful existence 
in Marineland shows across Europe. 

Tuesday and today (Wednesday) have been windy, but it drops tomorrow to 10-15 mph 
coming from the North so we expect the hunters to go out. If nature 
is not on our side we must pray to luck....


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