Saturday, 6 October 2012


Saturday 6th October 
I am sorry for my wobble, it is behind me now. I failed.. I 
can't change it, but I can learn from it. And I can remind 
myself why I'm here with my husband and the other Guardians...
..not that that is hard as the reminders are everywhere I look. 

For anyone reading this who thinks sea pens are ok as it's 
tidal sea water rather than chemical tanks .... if the 
footage Sea Shepherd posted of the pens being smashed by 
the typhoon didn't convince you otherwise.... please look at
the picture below taken at Dolphin Base yesterday morning. 
The weather hadn't been bad, there had been a swell, but
the ocean hasn't been particularly rough... But it had 
still smashed this plank through the jetty to the pens at 

Dolphin Base. It was quickly mended before tourists arrived. But not before 
Sea Shepherd!
As I write this from the harbour in Taiji it is 6am and we are
pretty sure the boats won't go out as they are decorated with
flags for the festival this weekend. The weather is on the hunters 
side today so phew!! 

But we will hang round and watch for the next few hours just to 
be sure... 

Ooooops ! The police have just been for a little "chat" with John 
as last night a few Guardians went for a drive after dinner 
and as we drove away from Taiji John accidentally crossed a stop 
line as he approached a red light. He did not go through the 
red light. This really angered the 
police, who are always behind us, and one jumped out of the 
patrol car, ran up, banged on our car door and shouted at 
John. Really shouted. But they didn't pull him over. Today 
the police were much calmer when they spoke to John about 
it and John has apologised for his minor traffic violation. 
I wonder if the police will apologise for over reacting 
and shouting at him last night? 

The town is preparing for the festivities and the sound 
of flutes drew our attention ....  
6:56 ... the guys have fixed a waterproof camera to a monopole 
and are trying to video the fish along the edge of the harbour 
wall... there are shoals of small bright blue fish, I will have
to find out what they're called
Fish at harbour 
I hate it when boats return to the harbour. There doesn't seem 
to be a speed restriction and they motor past the sea pens 
where the captured dolphins are held. I've just watched 2  and 
the wash against the sea wall where I'm standing was pretty 
high... no wonder the the dolphins go berserk when it happens
it must be torture to their sonars. 
Looks like those same dolphins are about to be fed .. trainers 
have just taken a skiff out to them.  Our constant presence must
be annoying to the trainers as they sang in rehearsed chorus,
"Every single day". I smiled to myself and thought "Yes, 
every single day while you do what you do". They profess to 
love dolphins, but we know if it wasn't for the Cove Guardian
footage their sea pens at Dolphin Base would still be full 
of plastic and wood from the typhoon. The "love" they have 
doesn't seem to go as far as a duty of care.
If they loved them they would release them ... Simple.

9:30....We have just been relieved by another group of 
Cove Guardians so we will go and get some 
food shopping done then grab a coffee before returning.
Again I'm sorry for my wobble yesterday. Thank you for all the
messages of support. And I can promise you that it is totally 
behind me and I'm ready for my second week here with 
Sea Shepherd. 

For the Oceans!!



  1. Please stop apologising!

    You are doing a really tough thing out there, something a lot of us sitting around the world readily admit that we couldn't do. Which is why we are so supportive of you all.

    Thank you so much, by the way, for the "English touch" to Taiji, I feel so much more connected to Taiji as I read the weather reports and giggle over an odd socks bag!

    You and John and all the Cove Guardians are doing an amazing job, never doubt it.

  2. Thank you for being there Jackie & John. I wish all the thousands of us around the world who also support the Cove Guardians could be there too. Stay strong. xoxo

  3. Dear Jackie, everyone there has a day off. I had one too and it is okay! You just cannot be happy and full of energy and hopeful and positive all the time in a place like that, there will be a moment all is just too much...
    So indeed stop apologizing! You are human, just like us. :)
    Hug X