Friday, 5 October 2012

A low moment....

I couldn't blog last night, eat or sleep (tho' I was exhausted) ...I felt too 

That morning we'd watched the boats struggle home in a high swell bringing us 
another blue day and the mood was good with the Cove Guardians. 

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the dolphin transfer from one 
of the harbour pens because it's still too raw, and Sea Shepherd tells it 
better ..Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page
I was in one of the cars following that poor dolphin and can assure you that 
we did everything in our power to stay behind that truck.... writing this 
sticks in my throat as 2 cars should have had no problem following a slow 

After our failed efforts to follow the transfer the Cove Guardians went for 
an evening walk in Taiji, nobody wanted to go out to eat...... and it was 
better to walk away my frustration than the alternative which would have 
been a large red wine. The police were there to keep track of us as usual.
It was nice to have the feeling of control back...them following us ... 
if only for that short time. 

8:30am ... it's morning as I type.. a new fresh and hopefully better day. 
The boats are out again as expected  ... nature is on the hunters side 
as the seas are not too we pray that luck is on our side. 

Maybe because I am already feeling low, but for the first time in 
3 campaigns I want to book the first flight out of here. I won't ... I 
know I have to focus and grow from what happened yesterday. But right now
this minute I'm struggling to do it. I'm sat away from the other Guardians, 
including John, because I want to cry. I am sure there have been worse 
moments .. maybe I should read back through my blogs to remind myself...
 ....I can hear the excitement building behind me as 2 boats are in and 
more are spotted heading home .. they are not driving .... there are murmurs 
of another blue day..hell.... maybe I won't cry after all. 


  1. Hugs, hope to be out there next year if I can get money together. Xo

  2. Jackie Do not cry .... I hug you!

  3. Hang in there. You're doing something so many of us want to do but are unable for many reasons. We are all sending as much of our strength to you to help you through this. Thank you so much for being there.

  4. Jackie, you've taken on a challenge that you know you have the strength for. Some moments just are harder than others. I honor the strength and dedication that you and the other Cove Guardians have. Thank you.

  5. Honey, you cry if you want to.

    Many of us back home in the UK do, and if it's OK for us then it's damn well OK for you!

    You haven't failed. Not by a long way!