Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A very short blog I'm pleased to say as we have a second blue day here in Taiji

Wednesday 3rd October .... second blue day :)
4:30am sitting by the harbour wall in Taiji...there is a beautiful moon, and so 
many's warm and still.... in fact it's everything we don't want it 
to be! but we know that further out where they hunt 20+ mph winds will make the 
ocean choppy and we pray this will hinder their endeavours .....

The police met us this morning as usual and when I asked if the hunters were 
going out they replied yes. I thought they would, but you always hope .....

5:15am and we see them arriving. They hide from our cameras between bins and 
trucks ... They dont look happy, but of course they'll know how rough the sea 
will be for them..

Then off they go ... and the Cove Guardians wait begins. 
6:37am Rather than go straight to the look out point John and I decided to check 
on the dolphins at Dolphin Base. I suggested to John we just take the little 
camera....I wasn't expecting anything to photograph as they'd cleared the crap 
from the pens only yesterday.... but look at it again today!! 


8:39am and we are back in the same spot at the harbour, photographing the same 
fishermen who have just returned from a very choppy sea empty handed! It's a blue day.
I am so glad that I don't have more to share with you. It's just gone 9pm so time
here for lights out as the weather looks like it will be in their favour tomorrow 
so it's another early start for us. 

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