Wednesday, 6 October 2010

We made a splash... within hours of arriving...

Hi All,
I’m going to call this day one and yesterday arrival day…We spent last night at The Best Western and after a lovely buffet breakfast drove to Taiji arriving mid-day. Scott ( SSCS member) and Elora (his daughter who’s just 16) met us, took us for lunch and then gave us the guided tour…..which finished with a swim…

I‘ve lost over 2 stones recently, but I had no idea how good I was looking till today!!! As I went for the swim with Elora and John at The Cove (it’s the only way to see it because of the barriers)…well, there were at least 6 men who could not take their eyes off me!!!! Oh to be 20 again…
Okay, that was the fantasy, but the reality was even better…because John and I were in our snorkelling gear we are suspected us of being with “Black Fish” the conservation group who recently sent divers  to Taiji to cut nets and release the captured dolphins Blackfish .The police, who greeted us with curtsey when we arrived (and to take our passport information lol) appeared to stay around to ensure the fishermen, who had turned up within minutes of us entering the water .. were not aggressive towards us. I was shocked at the attention we were receiving within hours of our arrival. While we were in the water the police were trying to explain to Scott, who had stayed on shore, that the fishermen were not very tolerant of divers after the Black Fish incident and encourage us out of the water….
To all at DiveLife following my blog, how cool is that?? Can you guys believe that a PADI open water (just) diver could be suspected of international terrorism after just a 6 week course?? Still laughing now.

The sea is lovely and warm and viz is ok, not much weed and great rock formations…Scott and Elora are right, it would be a great place for a dive holiday were it not for this blight.

The Cove is not what John or I expected at all. When we arrived the tide was out and it was …well it.. was tiny. And beautiful! A picnic area, toilets and showers....big car park… divers heaven.. I am praying so hard that I do not have to see wild dolphins trapped and slaughtered in that space.

We went to see the dolphins penned at the moment awaiting their fate. There were at least 3 in each pen which ..and this is a guess ..looks apx 15m x15m. They were obviously stressed.  Heartbreaking.

I’m keeping his short as I’m jet lagged and have a very early start tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the last good  day before the storms arrive so we are expecting the worse and hoping for the best.

For the Oceans, with Sea Shepherd … our little bit..


  1. can hardly believe you have been for a swim in the cove that we saw in the dvd , are definitely a skinny minny though,& benefitting from all those keep fit classes,so timing wise,i think it was meant to be.Really proud of you for being takes guts and real caring to give your time & your safety even- only a little bit of anxiety for you there long as its only verbal aggression from fishermen you will be ok,because you wont be provoked into stuffing their spears where it hurts,saying see how you like it, will you now!Lol.good job i am not there!we are all thinking of you,& the dolphins.stay brave.

  2. Ps - unless you guessed this was from Shirley

  3. Hi!

    Think you guys could post a short post on everythin about going there in terms of financial commitment?

    Other than the obvious airline ticket, how much are the basic living expenses costing you guys?


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  5. Hi I am an Aussie living in Tokyo. Thankyou for making such a brave choice to come and help the dolphins in Taiji.