Tuesday, 12 October 2010

And the sea ran red ….

And the sea ran red ….

I did manage to sleep a little last night, but it took a bottle of wine…and we were back at The Cove for 4.30am.. it was still dark and I think Steven was very happy to see us after his all night vigil.  The dolphins were still slapping their tails in frustration (they’d been trapped for 24 hours in that small netted off area) and it sounded even more disturbing in the dark. A noise I’ll never forget.

John and Scott went into the town to see if the gutting boat had left the harbour, it hadn’t. Was there hope??
John climbed a tsunami escape route to try and get photos from a different angle.. I didn’t envy him this task as this is a rarely used path (although clearly marked on all the maps) webbed by giant spiders..I’d gone up the same path with him during the days previously and, even though I’m not scared of the spiders back home, here they are something else…and he was climbing in the dark….no torch. He told me later he found a branch and waved in in front of him to break the webs. Unfortunately his efforts were in vain as we think it was noticed by the authorities that he was missing from the beach as guys went out searching for him..although it was the 3rd time walking past him before they spotted him dangling over the cliff edge.  I was very proud of my husband… even if he was discovered…..and the sight of him walking down the path back to us with his “guards” had me grinning but at the same time as I was very relieved he’d not been hurt. There have been several death threats against SSCS (being investigated by the police here) and he was alone up there, in the dark, with Sea Shepherd written all over him… yes I am very proud of him.
But a quick note to my kids…if the police ever bring you home to me I wont be so proud!! 

The trainers arrived and were taken around to the Cove, they selected 2, which surprised me as they were Risso Dolphins, so John and I left the guys at the Cove …jumped in the car and drove into the town of Taiji  expecting to film them being put in one of those tiny holding pens…but they drove straight past the pens (the dolphins in the pens were jumping, it was probably the noise from all the boats ..busy day at the neck of the harbour…but I want to think it was in support of their brothers being dragged through the water strapped to the side of a motor boat...past the ..I don’t know what you call it… the building where they chop up the bodies ?? and to a waiting pickup truck with a crane which lifted the 2 terrified dolphin and  dumped them in the open back as the caring (not) trainers made a pretence of making them comfortable by pouring scoops of water on them…oh how kind…not. We are guessing from the crude form of transport they were not going far, but we didn’t follow them because while we were trying to get footage of this (suggestion for would be activists - invest in a good zoom lens) we saw 6 banger/hunting boats leave the harbour…here we go again …so headed to the vantage point to watch what was happening…
We were in phone contact with the guys at the Cove so we knew they had started the slaughter, they could hide the act inside the Cove and behind tarpaulins but not the blood…We knew as well that they had decided to release the juveniles, but we’d been lead to believe it was the juveniles and the mothers. When you watch the video we took you’ll hear  us discussing what a botched job the XXXXX’s were making of driving them out to freedom, but now we know the kids were released without any parent to lead them, no wonder they were all over the place and acting out of character..I can’t get that thought out of my head, a bunch of kids, alone, scared, disorientated, tired, hungry…and having just witness the slaughter of their family.. I just keep thinking where are they now? But we’ll never know if they made it or not.
We were told the XXXXX’s had released the youngsters “for the survival of the species“…mmm yes of course they did..because they are so experienced at this “ release stuff”  that they’d pick the group with the least change of survival to set free…..no …in my mind it was a PR thing.…a way of saying to the world, who are watching, that “we are not the bad guys“. As my teenage daughter would say “you fail”.
How much thought was put into that? None??!?  What dip stick dreamed up this PR stunt!

John and I are 100% SSCS …no dolphins should have been killed …..so today was not a good day…but releasing the babies as a PR thing (I’m not speaking for SSCS I’m only a supporter) but it did show that world pressure (go Steven xx ) is having an influence..I’m begging you to keep that presure on.

The other thing you might notice about the our filming of the dolphins being driven out is that we find it hard to spot them…that was not a problem on the drive in…work out the math….we don’t know specific numbers, we can only give best guess, but we think 20 - 2 (captive) - 12 (for meat with a mercury garnish) = 6 babies  driven away from the place their family was slaughtered and into the open sea with a slim chance of survival…yes..go Japan… this is the way to conserve you stock and jobs for the future,,, DOH! Are we on the same planet??? I’m so frustrated.

Earlier today, after the slaughter I was numb, now it’s all gushing out…sorry you guys are on the receiving end..anyhow.. the rest of today…

So we’d seen the 6 boats leave harbour, they came back empty handed :> .. We told you the fishermen had made real hash of driving the babies out to sea… So now the nets were down and we could swim The Cove again.. We didn’t want to, I mean, would you? Could you?  But there were reporters and film makers wanting to film us, and the whole idea of SSCS in Taiji is to bring focus, so we swam.

Quick note for all you fellow 40 something’s who have had babies and might not be feeling so good about stripping off in front of cameras…don’t forget your swim kit, like I did today….. Luckily….emm yes luckily John had his swimming trunks in the car and I borrowed them…
(We got a call this evening to say SSCS had reached the news channels (pretty cool considering we are “terrorists” and should be in jail just for entering the country lol)….but not so cool when you are in your husbands trunks…doh…hey ho all for a good cause !!

The film guys got the footage they wanted of us in the water but I am glad they could not film us in the Cove as it got intense …. they’d not washed away the blood. I wish we could give you a photo of what we saw, but we had problems with the camera, sorry. Elora (and I cannot tell you how hard this was for a passionate vegitarion 16 year old child) , wiped her fingers in the blood then swam back to the shore one handed , so show people well done you xx

Tomorrow …I was just going to write tomorrow is our last day, but it’s not, it’s our first… the start of our lives as people who care, who want our planet to still be here 2 generations forward…..and  the rest….

A reporter interviewed me today, she was shocked that John and I had funded this trip..she asked could the cost of this not have bought a pretty amazing holiday?? Well yes it could..obviously..but I can’t think of any holiday that could compare with this opportunity we had to make a difference, learn so much and meet some pretty amazing people..

To Scott and Elora.. Your hospitality was second to none…
and during our time here you did not stop looking out for us… I mean…I was clueless that we were being followed again today till you sorted it …turned the tables and followed them lol  But seriously I know you guys are emotionally drained and very tired, but you have been amazing. Thanks.

For the Oceans, with Sea Shepherd…our little bit…


  1. Your little bit has meant alot

  2. I love you guys! Thank you so much!

    P.S I really do love reading your blog, Jackie you are a wonderful writer! Don't ever say other wise again :) :)