Sunday, 10 October 2010

I’m sunburnt (factor 30 wasn‘t strong enough)

I’m sunburnt (factor 30 wasn‘t strong enough)…and happy…never thought I’d say those two things in the same sentence.

We woke this morning to brilliant sunshine, the rain had gone. Scott and Patricia did a quick check of the harbour and The Cove while the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely breakfast….The boats had not gone out again today because of the festival.
Then it was time to grab out swim stuff and head to Taiji. It was busy when we got to The Cove .. We had been beaten there by film crews, reporters, police…The Cove is gaining in notoriety…guess that means SSCS are doing what we are here to do which is getting the message out.

When I first visited The Cove I was very aware that I was being filmed and photographed, either by the fishermen or reporters. It’s only a few days later and it no longer makes me feel uncomfortable. So while Scott networked we escaped the heat of the sun in the cool water…click click click…We swam out and into the entrance of The Cove, click click click and after our swim we sat on the beach drying, click click click..I was just relieved the camera’s didn’t follow us to the rest room lol
We did 2 trips to the Cove today and I swam twice. Where I have become desensitised to the press interest I haven’t been able to desensitise from the feeling I get when I swim into The Cove. We do it to bring attention, and it’s working, so I’ll keep doing it… but the claustrophobic sick feeling I get get’s stronger each time. Maybe it’s because the longer I’m out here the more I’m learning from the rest of the guys who have answered the call. We are such a mixed group..some who have been activists for decades, some for a few years..newbies like John and I..some who have decisions to make. John and I have stepped out of our bubble and there’s no way we can go back..we can’t unlearn what we’ve learnt, unless someone has one of those flashy things from the movie “Men in Black”.. what do you call it, oh yes a neuralizer…OMG John’s just discovered you can buy them on the internet for $49
I was hoping to get some beauty sleep lol before I have to step in front of the camera’s again tomorrow (we bumped into reporters on the way back from dinner tonight and they said they’d see us there at 7 am…) but we’ve been invited by Steven Thompson onto a conference call from 12pm - 2am, I understand a lot of people, representing several different conservation groups, will be dialling in for a “brain-storming” session, there will be celebs and sponsors …oh and John and I …..I think we’ll just be listening.

And for those asking, yes still veggie …..
For the Oceans, with Sea Shepherd…. our little bit…


  1. Thanks for the updates,Look forward to your posts everyday.

  2. Thank you so much for being there!
    I'm also looking forward to your posts every day :)

    Send you best wishes from Austria!