Thursday, 14 October 2010

John and I are back home

John and I are back home in Manchester, UK. We have not seen a bed for over 45 hours, although we napped on the flights… At every opportunity we were logging onto facebook to see that was happening with our friends at The Cove on this day of protest, the 14th.  You guys did great xxxx
We are so happy to be back with the kids, but it was pretty bad planning on our part to spend the 14th in the air!! Doh. But we feel like we joined you by wearing our SSCS t-shirts all the way home. As I said in my last blog we were under surveillance at Osaka airport, and lots of people were taking photos of us, mostly the young Japanese… but we had nothing worse than a couple of dirty looks.

My ankles are swollen and my legs are bitten and I’m so tired I can’t see straight so this is a really short note to let you know we’re ok.

For the Oceans, with Sea Shepherd…our little bit …


  1. Glad you arrived home safely. hope to hear from you again,you did a great job blogging and wonderful job at "The Cove".Wish I could go there to help but am doing my job here keeping people informed and writing letters...Thanks again

  2. Also I will be in town, population is dangerous and is not receptive!
    In the city there is a speaker system (city property), may issue a notice in 1 minute, so be careful! The speakers would normally use to warn the population of natural events (fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, etc ...), but I am aware that local people received guidance to report any strange movement and suspicious.
    Good luck and get out there! Save the dolphins is our goal !!!